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Breyer by CollectA Narwhal

Sale price$11.99

With its spiraling ''tusk,'' CollectA's beautiful Narwhal figure is a lifelike representation of this unusual toothed whale. The male Narwhal's long straight tusk is actually an elongated tooth and can grow to over 10 feet in length. Only rarely do female Narwhals grow tusks and in very rare cases, males may have two. Although Narwhals have been seen rubbing their tusks together, they do not seem to use the tusk for fighting. The Narwhal figure is detailed and realistic, a perfect addition to your child's collection. The 10.7''L x 1.6''H Narwhal is one of the beautifully sculpted figures in CollectA's Sea Life Collection. 

Breyer by CollectA Narwhal-BREYER-Little Giant Kidz
Breyer by CollectA Narwhal Sale price$11.99