Fidget Spinner Squad Series 2

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Great for fidgety people of all ages and may assist with anxiety, ADHD, quitting bad habits, nail biting, leg shaking, and other focusing issues.

How to USE: just hold spinner in one hand and use other hand to spin it rapidly using quick continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. With a lot of preactice, spinners can advance and the spinner squad can be spun using only one hand and using those fingers of the same hand to start and stop spinning. 

Key features:

R188 center bearings with 608 exterior bearing

Spins up to 3 Minutes

Inject ion molded ABS frame

Prints/colors available are pictured below

1 Multi-color Alien

1 Multiple emojis on black

1 Emojis with flowers

1 Emojis throwing up rainbows

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