Hansa Parrots 7"

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Animal Facts:
In length, parrots range from the buff-faced pygmy parrot of New Guinea at 8.4 cm to the hyacinth of South America at 100 cm. The predominant body color in the family is green, but there are many exceptions. Some parrots are blue or yellow, and many have touches of red in the plumage. Ability to imitate the human voice is the reason for their popularity as pets. Feeds on Nectar. 

  • Length: 2.75"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Height: 6.25"
  • Position: Standing

  • Age Group:
    The Recommended age for Hansa animals is 3 and up to comply with ASTM93 safety standards. 

    Portraits in Nature is a hand-crafted collection of realistic plush animals. Artists working in a socially responsible and environmentally responsible studio create each Hansa animal from portraits of the creature in its natural habitat. 

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