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Schleich Nothosaurus

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Imagine you're a scientist traveling to prehistoric times to study Nothosaurus in its natural habitat. Can you picture its long, webbed toes propelling it through the water like a seal? Watch as it snatches a fish for a tasty snack! Does the Nothosaurus remind you of any animals you've seen at the aquarium? A million stories are waiting to be told when you add a Nothosaurus toy from Schleich to your dinosaur figure collection.

Fun Fact

Unlike most marine reptiles from the Mesozoic era, Nothosaurus had powerful legs to walk on land and swim in the water. Do you think that made prehistoric mermaids jealous?

Schleich Nothosaurus-SCHLEICH-Little Giant Kidz
Schleich Nothosaurus Sale price$14.99