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Calisson So'Pure Bandana

Sale price$12.99

This bandana is one that you will love for your child! Fastened on your baby it helps contain the drool as well as baby can play with it. It it has a chew-able part at the bottom that is made of 100% natural rubber. The bandana is made from 100% organic textile; knowing this will assure you there won't be any allergic reactions from your child. Protect your child's clothes from saliva, juice and food. Whether they have a teether that is causing them to drool a lot it will catch it; or if they teethe on the rubber part on the bottom of the bandana, it all helps!. It ties in the back and has a Velcro closure.
Calisson So'Pure Bandana-CALISSON SOPHIE-Little Giant Kidz
Calisson So'Pure Bandana Sale price$12.99