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Hegen Nipple Thick Flow - 2 Pack

Sale price$11.00

What's included:

TWO Hegen Nipple Thick Flow

Hegen’s Thick Feed teat has a special Y cut which allows for an extra fast flow and is suitable for semi-solids, thicker feed (e.g. milk with added cereal or rice powder).

Hegen's teats are designed to encourage smooth transition from breast to bottle feeding, minimizing nipple confusion for your baby.

Our velvety soft, egg shaped teat closely mimics a mother's lactating breast while the off-centre teat design promotes upright feeding - similar to a position in which babies are nursed - to reduce the risk of milk back-flow and resulting mid-ear complications and colic.

The built-in anti-colic air vent reduces unwanted air intake and prevents bubbling of milk, saving precious nutrients from loss.
Hegen Nipple Thick Flow - 2 Pack-Hegen USA-Little Giant Kidz
Hegen Nipple Thick Flow - 2 Pack Sale price$11.00