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Kinetic Sand Mini Sand Pail - 6.5oz Container

Sale price$4.99

Experience the joy of the beach at home, with the Mini Buckets Kinetic Sand! The box has a handle and lid (with built-in brick mold) and contains 185 grams of Kinetic Sand Beach Sand. Kinetic Sand is the authentic magic and enchanting toy sand that takes the shape you want. It is better than plasticine and never dries, so you can spend hours playing with it. Build your own sand castles with the mold on the lid or use the box itself as a mold for your castle! Dive, shape and play endless hours with Kinetic Sand Beach Sand. Feel it rolling between your fingers. It is such an enjoyable feeling that you will not want to leave it. When you are full of toy, keep the sand back in the box and close the lid until the next time you feel like playing. Kinetic Sand Beach Sand is made from coarse grains of natural sand, is hypoallergenic and does not contain toxic ingredients. It sticks together and cleans very easily. Kinetic Sand children's toys are the perfect gift for boys and girls aged 3 Experience the joy of a day at the beach, with the Kinetic Sand Mini Buckets!

    Each sold separately!

    Kinetic Sand Mini Sand Pail - 6.5oz Container-Spin Master Ltd-Little Giant Kidz
    Kinetic Sand Mini Sand Pail - 6.5oz Container Sale price$4.99