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PRIMIGI® Sneaker - Green

Sale price$69.00

Sneakers from the Primigi For Change collection, which use certified recycled materials at 360°, natural or with low environmental impact. These sneakers testify to the brand's commitment to an increasingly sustainable future. They combine style, responsibility and functionality, as in the best Primigi tradition. Flexible, soft and lightweight, they are perfect for jumping, running and playing freely.The insole is removable and covered with cork to maintain freshness and hygiene.

Care and Maintenance:
Rub them with a damp cloth and Marseilles soap. Leave the shoes outside until they are completely dried, keeping them out of direct sunlight, which causes them to fade, and out of heaters and hair dryer, which could wrinkle them and make them lose flexibility. Avoid washing them in the washing machine, because the water risks to remove the glue between the shoes components and to deform them.
PRIMIGI® Sneaker - Green-Primigi-Little Giant Kidz
PRIMIGI® Sneaker - Green Sale price$69.00