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Sleeping Bear Press: Fly, Firefly (Hardcover Book)

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One evening at dusk a wind current carries a lone firefly out over the sea. Glancing down into the water, the insect is mesmerized by the glowing bioluminescence, mistaking it for other fireflies. Seeking company, the firefly plunges into the waves. Luckily, there are human bystanders who can lend a hand. Based on an event witnessed by nature writer and ecologist Rachel Carson (The Sea Around Us and Silent Spring) where a firefly attempts to join its "family" in the ocean, this lyrical story written in verse perfectly illustrates the wonder and delight the natural world offers those who pay close enough attention. Back matter includes science facts about fireflies and bioluminescence, as well as information about Carson's life.

Selected for The Original Art 2020 at the Society of Illustrators

Sleeping Bear Press: Fly, Firefly (Hardcover Book)-SLEEPING BEAR PRESS-Little Giant Kidz
Sleeping Bear Press: Fly, Firefly (Hardcover Book) Sale price$16.99