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Wild Republic Western Diamondback Plush Snake - 54"

Sale price$24.99

Western Diamondbacks are pit Vipers. They have the ability to locate differences in temperatures from their heat-sensing pit behind each nostril; this allows the Diamondback to decipher predator from prey. In the wild, they average only 3 to 5 feet. This big plush is 54" which allow this stuffed snake to double as a delightful companion for a little tot in your life. Do not worry this Snake does not Bite! Finding a gift for someone is difficult, This colossal plush snake is the present that will catch everyone attention as their jaws drop with amazement and jealousy. Also, this Snake has a rattle within the end of the tail. This Snake pictured above has authentic colors which kids of all ages and serpent lover cherish. Put together with the finest materials; allows this giant plush to overcome numerous hours of fun and imaginative play. Giant teddy bears get all the loving; other stuffed animals like this Western Diamondback Snake just want to be loved as well. Consider taking home this soft, adorable, and oh so affectionate mighty snake plush. Wild Republic has been developing plush animals and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With a specialization in lifelike stuffed animals.

  • This wonderful Western Diamondback Snake stuffed animal wants to slither right into your arms and warm everyone's hearts.
  • At 54", This phenomenal plush toy is a value for anyone looking for realistic stuffed animals created with high quality materials.
  • Being surface washable allows for the cleaning process to become easier than ever before.
  • Children, teens, and adults enjoy owning plush toys either for entertainment, kids bedroom décor, or educational use.
  • Enjoy experiencing the many sounds of laughter, play, and excitement with plush toys from Wild Republic.
    Wild Republic Western Diamondback Plush Snake - 54"-Wild Republic-Little Giant Kidz
    Wild Republic Western Diamondback Plush Snake - 54" Sale price$24.99